کلمات ضروری زبان انگلیسی

کلمات ضروری زبان انگلیسی در فهرست زیر قابل مشاهده می باشند. روی هر عنوان کلیک کنمایید درس مربوط به آن باز می شود

کلمات ضروری زبان انگلیسی

برای وارد شدن به درس ها روی عنوان ها کلیک نمایید

کلمات رنگی شده این بخش کلمات پر کاربرد آزمون های زبان ارشد و دکترا می باشند اما بدون شک تمامی کلمات مهم می باشند

لطفا کانال لغات هم عضو شوید

کانال لغات

Level 1

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Lesson 1 of Level 1

afraid, agree, angry, arrive, attack, bottom, clever, cruel, finally, hide, hunt, lot,
middle, moment, pleased, promise, reply, safe, trick, well

Lesson 2 of Level 1
adventure, approach, carefully, chemical, create, evil, experiment, kill, laboratory, laugh, loud, nervous, noise, project, scare, secret, shout, smell, terrible, worse

Lesson 3 of Level 1

alien, among, chart, cloud, comprehend, describe, ever, fail, friendly, grade,
instead, library, planet, report, several, solve, suddenly, suppose, universe, view

Lesson 4 of Level 1

appropriate, avoid, behave, calm, concern, content, expect, frequently, habit, instruct, issue, none, patient, positive, punish, represent, shake, spread, stroll, village

Lesson 5 of Level 1
aware, badly, belong, continue, error, experience, field, hurt, judgment, likely,
normal, rare, relax, request, reside, result, roll, since, visible, wild

Lesson 6 of Level 1

advantage, cause, choice, community, dead, distance, escape, face, follow,
fright, ghost, individual, pet, reach, return, survive, upset, voice, weather, wise

Lesson 7 of Level 1
allow, announce, beside, challenge, claim, condition, contribute, difference, divide, expert, famous, force, harm, lay, peace, prince, protect, sense, sudden, therefore

Lesson 8 of Level 1
accept, arrange, attend, balance, contrast, encourage, familiar, grab, hang, huge, necessary, pattern, propose, purpose, release, require, single, success, tear, theory

Lesson 9 of Level 1
against, beach, damage, discover, emotion, fix, frank, identify, island, ocean,
perhaps, pleasant, prevent, rock, save, step, still, taste, throw, wave

Lesson 10 of Level 1
benefit, certain, chance, effect, essential, far, focus, function, grass, guard,
image, immediate, primary, proud, remain, rest, separate, site, tail, trouble

Lesson 11 of Level 1

anymore, asleep, berry, collect, compete, conversation, creature, decision, either, forest, ground, introduce, marry, prepare, sail, serious, spend, strange, truth, wake

Lesson 12 of Level 1

 alone, apartment, article, artist, attitude, compare, judge, magazine, material, meal, method, neighbor, professional, profit, quality, shape, space, stair, symbol, thin

Lesson 13 of Level 1
blood, burn, cell, contain, correct, crop, demand, equal, feed, hole, increase,
lord, owe, position, raise, responsible, sight, spot, structure, whole

Lesson 14 of Level 1

coach, control, description, direct, exam, example, limit, local, magical, mail,
novel, outline, poet, print, scene, sheet, silly, store, suffer, technology

Lesson 15 of Level 1
across, breathe, characteristic, consume, excite, extreme, fear, fortunate, happen, length, mistake, observe, opportunity, prize, race, realize, respond, risk, wonder, yet

Lesson 16 of Level 1
academy, ancient, board, century, clue, concert, county, dictionary, exist, flat, gentleman, hidden, maybe, officer, original, pound, process, publish, theater, wealth

Lesson 17 of Level 1
appreciate, available, beat, bright, celebrate, determine, disappear, else, fair, flow, forward, hill, level, lone, puddle, response, season, solution, waste, whether

Lesson 18 of Level 1
argue, communicate, crowd, depend, dish, empty, exact, fresh, gather, indicate, item, offer, price, product, property, purchase, recommend, select, tool, treat

Lesson 19 of Level 1
alive, bone, bother, captain, conclusion, doubt, explore, foreign, glad, however, injustice, international, lawyer, mention, policy, social, speech, staff, toward, wood

Lesson 20 of Level 1
achieve, advise, already, basic, bit, consider, destroy, entertain, extra, goal, lie, meat, opinion, real, reflect, regard, serve, vegetable, war, worth

Lesson 21 of Level 1
appear, base, brain, career, clerk, effort, enter, excellent, hero, hurry, inform, later, leave, locate, nurse, operation, pain, refuse, though, various

Lesson 22 of Level 1
actual, amaze, charge, comfort, contact, customer, deliver, earn, gate, include, manage, mystery, occur, opposite, plate, receive, reward, set, steal, thief

Lesson 23 of Level 1
advance, athlete, average, behavior, behind, course, lower, match, member, mental, passenger, personality, poem, pole, remove, safety, shoot, sound, swim, web

Lesson 24 of Level 1
block, cheer, complex, critic, event, exercise, fit, friendship, guide, lack,
passage, perform, pressure, probable, public, strike, support, task, term, unite

Lesson 25 of Level 1
associate, environment, factory, feature, instance, involve, medicine, mix, organize, period, populate, produce, range, recognize, regular, sign, tip, tradition, trash, wide

Lesson 26 of Level 1
advice, along, attention, attract, climb, drop, final, further, imply, maintain, neither, otherwise, physical, prove, react, ride, situated, society, standard, suggest

Lesson 27 of Level 1
actually, bite, coast, deal, desert, earthquake, effective, examine, false, gift, hunger, imagine, journey, puzzle, quite, rather, specific, tour, trip, value

Lesson 28 of Level 1
band, barely, boring, cancel, driveway, garbage, instrument, list, magic, message, notice, own, predict, professor, rush, schedule, share, stage, storm, within

Lesson 29 of Level 1
advertise, assign, audience, breakfast, competition, cool, gain, importance, knowledge,
major, mean, prefer, president, progress, respect, rich, skill, somehow, strength, vote

Lesson 30 of Level 1
above, ahead, amount, belief, center, common, cost, demonstrate, different, evidence, honesty, idiom, independent, inside, master, memory, proper, scan, section, surface



Level 2

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Lesson 1 of  Level 2
anxious, awful, consist, desire, eager, household, intent, landscape, lift, load,
lung, motion, pace, polite, possess, rapidly, remark, seek, shine, spill

Lesson 2 of  Level 2
bring, castle, command, counsel, ensure, explosion, jewelry, land, meteor, monster, northern, remote, southern, statue, steam, submit, temple, upper, weed, wing

Lesson 3 of  Level 2
arrow, battle, bow, brave, chief, disadvantage, enemy, entrance, hardly, intend, laughter, log, military, obey, secure, steady, trust, twist, unless, weapon, (shield, Spartan , stick)

Lesson 4 of  Level 2
4 chest, confidence, consequence, disaster, disturb, estimate, honor, impress, marathon, narrow, pale, rough, satisfy, scream, sensitive, shade, supplement, terror, threat, victim

Lesson 5 of  Level 2
ancestor, angle, boot, border, congratulate, frame, heaven, incredible, legend, praise, proceed, pure, relative, senior, silent, sink, superior, surround, thick, wrap

Lesson 6 of  Level 2
abroad, anger, bride, brief, chase, disappoint, dive, exchange, favor, fee, forever, guy, lovely, mood, palace, permit, protest, sculpture, tribe, youth

Lesson 7 of  Level 2
basis, biology, cage, colleague, colony, debate, depart, depress, factual, fascinate, mission, nevertheless, occupation, overseas, persuade, route, ruins, scholar, significant, volcano

Lesson 8 of  Level 2
broad, bush, capable, cheat, concentrate, conclude, confident, considerable, convey, definite, delight, destination, dictate, edge, path, resort, shadow, succeed, suspect, valley

Lesson 9 of  Level 2
admire, aid, attempt, authority, capital, cooperate, defend, destruction, disorder, division, enable, frustrate, govern, plenty, relieve, reputation, royal, slave, struggle, stupid

Lesson 10 of  Level 2
citizen, council, declare, enormous, extraordinary, fog, funeral, giant, impression, income, mad, ought, resist, reveal, rid, sword, tale, trap, trial, violent

Lesson 11 of  Level 2
admission, astronomy, blame, chemistry, despite, dinosaur, exhibit, fame, forecast, genius, gentle, geography, interfere, lightly, principal, row, shelf, spite, super, wet

Lesson 12 of  Level 2
12 abuse, afford, bake, bean, candle, convert, debt, decrease, fault, fund, generous, ingredient, insist, mess, metal, monitor, oppose, passive, quantity, sue

Lesson 13 of  Level 2
anxiety, army, billion, carve, consult, emergency, fortune, guarantee, hike, initial, intense, lend, peak, potential, pride, proof, quit, spin, tiny, tutor

Lesson 14 of  Level 2
apparent, blind, calculate, chat, commit, compose, dormitory, exhaust, greenhouse, ignore, obvious, physics, portion, remind, secretary, severe, talent, thesis, uniform, vision

Lesson 15 of  Level 2
absorb, boss, committee, contract, crew, devote, dig, dine, donate, double, elevate, flavor, foundation , generation, handle, layer, mud, smooth, soil, unique

Lesson 16 of  Level 2
chamber, deny, document, emphasize, fever, flu, freeze, gesture, interrupt, last, likeness , moreover, perspective, rational, recover, rely, shock, shy, stare, thus

Lesson 17 of  Level 2
aim, attach, bet, carriage, classic, commute, confirm, criticize, differ, expense,
formal, height, invent, junior, labor, mechanic, prime, shift, signal, sincere

Lesson 18 of  Level 2
ability, agriculture, cartoon, ceiling, convince, curious, delay, diary, element, faith, grain, greet, investigate, joy, label, monk, odd, pause, priest, profession

Lesson 19 of  Level 2
adopt, beg, beyond, costume, exclaim, extend, fool, forbid, illustrate, indeed,
interpret, kindly, motive, nest, origin, reception, reject, silence, stream, tone

Lesson 20 of  Level 2
accomplish, approve, approximate, barrier, detect, duty, elementary, failure, gradual, immigrant, insert, instant, poverty, pretend, rank, recognition, refrigerate, rent, retire, statistic

Lesson 21 of  Level 2
astronaut, awake, courage, float, grant, gravity, jewel, miner, mineral, participate, permission, pour, presence, raw, satellite, scale, skip, stretch, telescope, underground

Lesson 22 of  Level 2
alarm, apart, arrest, award, breed, bucket, contest, convict, garage, journalist,
pup, qualify, repair, resume, rob, slip, somewhat, stable, tissue, yard

Lesson 23 of  Level 2
alike, annoy, architecture, artificial, chain, distinct, distinguish, dust, excitement, heal, inherit, manner, mount, roof, shortage, solid, stock, substance, tomb, wound

Lesson 24 of  Level 2
bath, bend, chew, disabled, fantastic, fiction, flag, inspect, journal, liquid, marvel,
nutrient, overcome, recall, regret, soul, sufficient, surgery, tough, tube

Lesson 25 of  Level 2
admit, bin, bowl, cabin, cash, criminal, dozen, elder, facial, fence, inspire, mere, neat, occasion, penalty, rude, settle, vehicle, wallet, yell

Lesson 26 of  Level 2
accuse, adjust, amuse, coral, cotton, crash, deck, engage, firm, fuel, grand,
hurricane, loss, plain, reef, shut, strict, surf, task, zone

Lesson 27 of  Level 2
apology, bold, capture, cardinal, duke, expose, guilty, hire, innocent, jail, minister, ordinary, permanent, preserve, pronounce, resemble, symptom, tobacco, twin, witch

Lesson 28 of  Level 2
accompany, bare, branch, breath, bridge, cast, dare, electronic, inn, net, philosophy, pot, seed, sharp, sort, subtract, tight, virtual, weigh, whisper

Lesson 29 of  Level 2
abstract, annual, clay, cloth, curtain, deserve, feather, fertile, flood, furniture, grave, ideal, intelligence, nowadays, obtain, religious, romantic, shell, shore, wheel

Lesson 30 of  Level 2
appeal, assume, borrow, client, downtown, dull, embarrass, fare, former, formula, found, invest, loan, practical, quarter, salary, scholarship, temporary, treasure, urge

Level 3

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Lesson 1  of  Level 3

arise, benefactor, blacksmith, charitable, chimney, compensate, encounter, exceed, forge,
humble, iron, ladder, modest, occupy, penny, preach, prosper, province, satisfaction, sustain

Lesson 2 of  Level 3
acquire, awkward, caretaker, deceive, discourage, fake, hatred, hut, inferior, lodge, neglect, newcomer, offense, overlook, repay, ridiculous, satisfactory, shepherd, venture, wheat

Lesson 3 of  Level 3
alley, ax, bunch, chore, decent, disgrace, elbow, grateful, irritate, kid, loose, offend, overnight, persist, pine, scar, sensation, sled, tease, valentine

Lesson 4 of  Level 3
bloom, compact, curl, decay, dessert, dip, distant, eclipse, fairy, grace, leisure, mankind, passion, pillow, pulse, refresh, sneeze, spice, whistle, wool

Lesson 5 of  Level 3

acquaint, cemetery, curse, disguise, fancy, flashlight, hood, inhabitant, nourish, pirate, publication, riddle, rot, scare, shortly, skeleton, spoil, starve, thrill, wicked

Lesson 6 of  Level 3

alert, broadcast, bulletin, bump, chop, closet, console, district, drawer, endure, execute, grasp, rear, senator, skull, stir, tap, tremendous, underneath, worm

Lesson 7 of  Level 3

abandon, ambitious,bark, bay, brilliant, chin, complaint, deaf, enthusiastic, expedition, horizon, loyal, mayor, mutual, overweight, refuge, restore, rub, senses, veterinarian

Lesson 8 of  Level 3
anniversary, arithmetic, ashamed, burst, carpenter, coal, couch, drip, elegant, fabric, highlands, ivory, mill, needle, polish, sew, shed, thread, trim, upwards

Lesson 9 of  Level 3
ail, ally, boast, bounce, bully, carbohydrate, crawl, defeat, dial, dominant, mercy, nod, opponent, quarrel, rival, sore, sting, strain, torture, wrestle

Lesson 10 of  Level 3
absence, aloud, bald, blanket, creep, divorce, imitate, infant, kidnap, nap, nowhere, pat, relief, reproduce, rhyme, suck, urgent, vanish, wagon, wrinkle

Lesson 11 of  Level 3
abnormal, bamboo, blossom, compass, dialect, dishonest, dwarf, ecosystem, fatal, impatient, leaf, manuscript, marsh, patience, perfume, pond, proverb, pursuit, recite, wilderness

Lesson 12 of  Level 3
anticipate, barrel, beam, casual, caution, contrary, deliberate, dissolve, explode, fasten, germ, kit, puff, rag, scatter, scent, steel, swift, toss, triumph

Lesson 13 of  Level 3
aboard, bitter, bullet, devil, drift, enforce, fountain, harbor, inhabit, march, millionaire, port, sheriff, startle, sweat, trigger, unify, vessel, voyage, worship

Lesson 14 of  Level 3
apprentice, assure, bandage, bleed, bond, chef, crown, departure, diligent, emperor, fiber, horrible, impolite, kneel, luxury, massive, panic, priority, robe, scold

Lesson 15 of  Level 3
affair, assembly, bless, cereal, cheerful, diameter, exploit, famine, harvest, merry, nut, pardon, pharaoh, ripe, roast, routine, scheme, slim, stove, theft

Lesson 16 of  Level 3

 adolescent, aptitude, compliment, hinder, journalism, jury, justice, liberty, literary, pharmacy, pill, presume, privacy, punishment, sensible, slice, sorrow, straw, swell, tidy

Lesson 17 of  Level 3
affection, agency, ash, confine, dismiss, erupt, fate, lava, miserable, navigate, originate, remainder, retrieve, shallow, slope, span, superstition, sympathy, vibrate, wander

Lesson 18 of  Level 3

armor, blaze, boom, cliff, flame, independence, invasion, knight, lightning, rebel, retreat, revolution, spear, steep, summit, thunder, troops, warrior, withdraw, yield

Lesson 19 of  Level 3
bench, confront, daisy, dispute, horror, incident, mist, object, orphan, plot, pregnant,
rage, revenge, shame, sigh, sneak, spare, stem, supper, tender

Lesson 20 of  Level 3
beneath, cub, dawn, dissatisfied, ease, evident, hail, howl, leap, magnificent, necessity,
outcome, pile, profound, seize, squeeze, supreme, terrific, trait, vital (prey, forest, den, cub)

Lesson 21 of  Level 3
accustomed, affirm, astonished, bang, clan, dim, emphasis, fable, feast, glow, hollow,
instinct, joint, leak, physician, sacrifice, stiff, stroke, tragic, tune

Lesson 22 of  Level 3

accommodate, circus, coincide, commission, dose, dye, extent, gender, headline,
informal, inquire, messenger, peer, portrait, pose, ranch, steer, stripe, tame, tempt

Lesson 23 of  Level 3

Aborigine, ban, cautious, confess, cottage, daytime, desperate, fade, fierce, gamble,
lawn, mow, outlaw, prospect, purse, rod, seldom, shave, terrified, wizard

Lesson 24 of  Level 3

baggage, bulb, bundle, cattle, flee, graze, greed, herd, initiate, lane, luggage, nerve,
optimist, parade, pave, phantom, portable, poster, scratch, symphony, widow

Lesson 25 of  Level 3

circulate, consequent, derive, drown, dynasty, fraction, frost, illusion, invade, lieutenant,
marine, merit, navy, polar, ray, resign, suicide, tremble, underlying, via

Lesson 26 of  Level 3

alter, aside, autumn, blend, collapse, crush, curve, disgusting, drain, embrace, envy,
fireworks, flour, fuse, ginger, jealous, paste, receipt, wipe, wire

Lesson 27 of  Level 3

acknowledge, ambassador, blonde, conquer, drag, exaggerate, heritage, insult, meanwhile,
necklace, noble, precious, prejudice, rumor, sin, spectacle, stack, suspicious, tin, vase

Lesson 28 of  Level 3

ache, arctic, canal, chemist, chill, congress, dairy, descend, grocer, hesitate, institution,
jog, merchant, poke, postpone, splash, stubborn, suburb, tide, tragedy

Lesson 29 of  Level 3

bomb, certificate, circumstance, coffin, cope, criticism, devastate, frown, gaze, glance,
grief, groom, license, microscope, nuclear, portray, rotate, souvenir, submarine, trace

Lesson 30 of  Level 3

appliance, basin, broom, caterpillar, cupboard, delicate, emerge, handicap, hook, hop,
laundry, pursue, reluctant, sleeve, spine, stain, strip, swear, swing, utilize

Level 4

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Lesson 1 of  Level 4

aroma, beverage, cluster, combine, condensed, contemporary, cultivate, divine, humid,
odor, palate, paradise, plantation, rapid, rate, soothing, subtle, texture, toxic, vary

Lesson 2 of  Level 4

accident, admiral, arc, character, conscience, fiery, flesh, grapefruit, hay, horrified,
kerosene, loop, paddle, raft, sour, stake, steward, string, thorn, wreck

Lesson 3 of  Level 4

admonish, audible, awesome, beware, brag, conscious, disagree, echo, eventual, hint,
idiot, immense, indirect, option, pastime, perfect, pinpoint, switch, thorough, torment

Lesson 4 of  Level 4

beak, damp, disapprove, except, flight, fond, immoral, ivy, moan, oblivious, perish, pit,
rim, roost, slippery, soar, trivial, typical, utterly, weep

Lesson 5 of  Level 4

awhile, cyberspace, edit, essay, evaluate, faint, global, gymnasium, highlight, ignorant,
index, lecture, moral, operate, private, recent, resolution, semester, typewritten, weird

Lesson 6 of  Level 4

absolute, alas, attentive, cape, envision, evenly, folk, melt, patch, pleasure, pop,
pudding, rail, recipe, role, shrink, soak, spark, spirit, suit

Lesson 7 of  Level 4

account, architect, conceal, crime, deed, gratitude, habitat, intervene, landmark, legal,
memorable, oblige, offence, proclaim, rally, resolve, resource, sentence, volunteer, witness

Lesson 8 of  Level 4

access, conduct, constant, crack, device, enclose, grip, halt, impending, influence, law,
mode, perspire, replace, snap, sly, tend, valid, version, whatsoever

Lesson 9 of  Level 4

alongside, appetite, assist, breeze, defy, display, efficient, feeble, forgive, lively, majestic,
nor, outraged, pessimistic, rumor, slap, smash, subject, wage, whereas

Lesson 10 of  Level 4

animate, classify, concede, concept, construct, decade, diagram, ferry, handy, isolate, longing,
numerous, particle, plea, refrain, review, sophisticated, surrender, upright, worthwhile

Lesson 11 of  Level 4

alliance, applause, armed, authoritative, ceremony, culture, defense, detail, diverse,
enchant, equip, exception, genre, impact, lure, obstacle, shelter, sort, supply, vain

Lesson 12 of  Level 4

alternative, avenue, belly, bid, blow, conflict, continent, current, disrespect, enthusiasm,
harsh, lean, meantime, mischief, muscle, rescue, succession, terrain, timid, violence

Lesson 13 of  Level 4

affect, autograph, bead, brew, charm, destiny, horn, irritable, lag, maximize, nightmare,
nutritious, protein, signature, stuff, subconscious, van, warn, workout, zoom

Lesson 14 of  Level 4

brick, crumble, dough, express, fist, flexible, flush, injure, lump, mixture, reconcile, ruin,
shatter, shutter, sift, slight, sparkle, sprinkle, stale, utter

Lesson 15 of  Level 4

although, apply, await, beloved, bury, climate, complain, confuse, due, entire, establish,
furnace, leash, mature, measure, midst, misery, prior, research, variety

Lesson 16 of  Level 4
altogether, bind, bruise, custom, disobedient, foresee, glimpse, hoop, misfortune,
negative, per, plead, rip, sake, scrape, source, stern, stitch, thump, vehement

Lesson 17 of  Level 4

civilization, convenient, den, dew, drastic, exit, flock, fold, lid, loom, mighty, mushroom,
native, poison, reed, shield, stormy, sway, urban, wade

Lesson 18 of  Level 4

accent, barber, basement, blank, blink, choir, comic, complicate, decline, errand, glove,
hermit, justly, leather, ponder, reserve, script, search, slam, staircase

Lesson 19 of  Level 4

afflicted, aisle , atmosphere, author, breakdown, cargo, chapter, connect, etc., flip, idle,
notify, pea, raisin, retain, state, tray, unfortunate, vivid, vomit

Lesson 20 of  Level 4

betray, blast, bracelet, cease, choke, civil, comment, cross, dent, distrust, fort, found,
lining, mass, pray, rife, sole, sweep, treachery, tuck

Lesson 21 of  Level 4

background, bait, chronicle, copper, disease, folklore, infect, itch, literature, millennium,
myth, promote, relate, religion, sum, teller, trustworthy, update, vein, venom

Lesson 22 of  Level 4

charity, commerce, condemn, cozy, deplete, economy, empire, goods, heed, hitchhike,
mock, neutral, persecute, pity, reduce, scribe, temper, throne, unity, victor

Lesson 23 of  Level 4

accurate, analyze, asteroid, controversy, evolve, factor, genetic, genome, identical, intellectual,
majority, mammal, multiply, offspring, pesticide, regulate, reinforce, stricken, vast, vegetarian

Lesson 24 of  Level 4
cherish, compassion, consent, core, cunning, dizzy, equilibrium, foster, grind, growl,
moderation, predator, sane, saucer, snatch, stagger, stumble, tense, tumble, withhold

Lesson 25 of  Level 4

aircraft, celebrity, concrete, decisive, esteemed, ethical, extinct, hardy, institute, jealousy,
migrate, nurture, overhead principle, rural, secluded, species, swamp, traverse, zoology

Lesson 26 of  Level 4

assumption, barley, beast, colonel, contagious, corpse, crisis, cure, deformed, discriminate,
embassy, extinguish, flint, harass, integrate, miniature, nutrition, promptly, technician, tropics

Lesson 27 of  Level 4
beneficial, birthplace, capacity, comparative, comprehensive, conserve, crucial, cumulative, deposit, distribute, equator, exotic, federal, formation, frequency, objective, oxygen, rainforest, strategy, wooded

Lesson 28 of  Level 4

avail, expand, define, dread, fundamental, horrifying, incredulous, linger, organism,
paraphrase, plague, presently, random, riot, scribble, shrine, solitude, stark, summon, worsen

Lesson 29 of  Level 4

automobile, candidate, confidential, corporate, enhance, era, guideline, incorporate, interact, interval, mobile, modify, parallel, phenomenon, pollute, ridicule, solar, territory, tournament, transportation

Lesson 30 of  Level 4

bill, boundary, chaos, consistent, cyclone, doomed, heir, martial, organic, poultry,
scramble, sergeant, sheer, stance, telegraph, textile, tornado, typhoon, wail, wardrobe

Level 5

Download the sound files of the Level  5

Lesson 1 of  Level 5

allot, appall, cache, convenience, dearth, deliberate, dire, elapse, empathy, fanciful,
gripe, grueling, mundane, opt, outrage, paltry, rectify, resourceful, sustenance, tedious + conservative

Lesson 2 of  Level 5

abbey, abundant, adjoin, ample, arid, cathedral, deprive, drought, eligible, fast,
grumble, inland, moisture, nonetheless, oath, prairie, ragged, rugged, scarce, speculate

Lesson 3 of  Level 5

analytic, assert, bachelor, calculus, celestial, cognitive, collision, competent, diploma, excel, geology, harness, intellect, keen, mythology, physiology, radioactive, relativity, sociology, theoretical

Lesson 4 of  Level 5
administrator, affluent, audit, automate, bribe, corrupt, dispose, headquarters, incentive, infrastructure, legislate, legitimate, manipulate, merchandise, retail, revenue, rubbish, subsidy, transaction, violate

Lesson 5 of  Level 5

assess, astonish, commence, essence, extract, fabulous, haste, impulse, latter, molecule, ongoing, pharmaceutical, precise, proximity, publicity, remedy, significance, subsequent, synthetic, terminal

Lesson 6 of  Level 5
altitude, coastline, deter, devise, expertise, fracture, impair, implement, indigenous,
insight, limb, migraine, optimism, peculiar, proficient, quest, ridge, spouse, thrust, tolerate


Lesson 7 of  Level 5

aquatic, biosphere, bizarre, Celsius, coarse, companion, digest, duration, ecology, feat, infinite, nucleus, parasite, prominent, repetitive, reproductive, temperate, tolerance, undergo, vulnerable

Lesson 8  of  Level 5

adept, barren, ceramic, culinary, dense, dignity, dominate, edible, hostile, intake, likewise,
malnutrition, medication, misconception, obscure, oppress, peel, prescription, respirator,

Lesson 9 of  Level 5

 archaic, benevolent, brass, capitalism, component, dependence, diminish, drawback, fad, impose, managerial, medieval, obsolete, peninsula, prestige, proportion, radical, refute, spectacular, weave

Lesson 10 of  Level 5
accountant, capitalist, contempt, dedicate, ditch, enterprise, exquisite, finance, indifferent, irrigate, maximize, monetary, precaution, preliminary, saturate, simplicity, sow, soy, spade, upcoming

Lesson 11 of  Level 5
acute, aggression, banquet, biography, boost, clap, compel, dominance, gorgeous, inevitable, legacy, masterpiece, multiple, narrate, notorious, outdated, overall, partiality, spontaneous, virtue

Lesson 12 of  Level 5
anthropology, applaud, appoint, compatible, competence, confer, consecutive, crude, cube, feedback, ignorance, masculine, monument, muscular, posture, situate, supervise, symmetry, tattoo, undergraduate

Lesson 13 of  Level 5
brook, cater, considerate, consumption, criteria (single form: criterion), crust, degrade, entitle, escort, external, facility, faculty, heap, hemisphere, hound, impersonal, ornament, pedestrian, sanctuary, spectator

Lesson 14 of  Level 5
asset, aspect, Braille, bud, coordinate, disprove, humanitarian, hypothesis, imprint, informative, optic, premise, rack, Renaissance, revere, simultaneous, skeptic, spatial, specify, wax

Lesson 15 of  Level 5

 accessory, acquisition, adequate, cardboard, dilemma, elaborate, facilitate, fleet, grid,
import, infer, inflate, innate, marble, mast, nausea, naval, pouch, saturated, updated

Lesson 16 of  Level 5

 addict, archeological, archeology, brainstorm, budget, chaotic, cite, correspond, courtyard,
estate, fraud, hydrogen, integrity, knit, outlook, parachute, prehistoric, proponent, refine, restrict

Lesson 17 of  Level 5
attorney, chronic, discipline, donor, fellow, gossip, graduate, graffiti, guardian, implicate,
kin, referee, sever, shaft, stab, stimulus, suspicion, terminate, theme, tuition

Lesson 18 of  Level 5
aggressive, amnesty, arena, auditorium, captive, combat, commonplace, compound,
corps, distract, dumb, foe, hack, meditate, nick, provoke, realm, reign, rust, sacred

Lesson 19 of  Level 5
accordingly, anchor, buoy, catastrophe, context, designate, distort, dock, fore, frequent,
genuine, grease, intricate, offset, overlap, precipitate, secondhand, slot, submerge, tactic

Lesson 20 of  Level 5
aggregate, antibiotic, circuit, complement, compress, database, equivalent, immune, input,
intimate, magnet, metabolism, microchip, phase, pinch, prevalent, quantum, ratio, spiral, viral, procedure, strand, interlock

Lesson 21 of  Level 5

astounded, attribute, bilingual, clone, colloquial, cosmetics, dash, disgust, fluorescent,
furious, gulf, humanities, knot, linguist, participant, plausible, ritual, sibling, skinny, vague

Lesson 22 of  Level 5
acid, administration, administrative, biotechnology, cholesterol, coalition, deceptive, diabetes, eliminate, erosion, ethics, explicit, framework, manufacture, mechanism, minimize, nectar, notion, prone, straightforward

Lesson 23 of  Level 5
astronomical, atom, breadth, circumference, comet, crater, crescent, debris, despair, embed,
fragment, galaxy, gigantic, gloom, radiate, roam, solitary, spectrum, sphere, status, dimensional

Lesson 24 of  Level 5
bankrupt, conform, employ, expel, extension, forthcoming, furnish, hygiene, hygienic, landlord, lease, mandatory, mend, mortgage, personnel, plumbing, tenant, trendy, utility, whereby

Lesson 25 of  Level 5

aesthetic, arrogant, bias, canyon, creek, drill, executive, fatigue, incline, nasty, perceive,
primate, primitive, stereotype, sticky, termite, thereby, trail, twig, welfare

Lesson 26 of  Level 5
behalf, flap, glacier, globe, horizontal, hum, inventory, inward, loaf, oracle, orbit, overview,
preview, previous, provide, recur, relevant, rite, stall, supernatural

Lesson 27 of  Level 5
adapt, biological, cellular, dynamic, fantasy, heredity, internal, minimal, pioneer, prescribe,
respective, revive, rigid, sequence, substitute, surgeon, therapy, transfer, transition, transplant

Lesson 28 of  Level 5

aquarium, arbitrary, autobiography, convention, gracious, improve, insulate, intrigue, longevity,
misplace, naughty, norm, orangutan, overload, philanthropy, probe, recipient, reptile, thrive, ultimate

Lesson 29 of  Level 5
antique, applicant , artifact, authentic, chronology, diplomat, epic, excerpt, fossil, humiliate,
lyric, majesty, monarch, precede, punctual, recruit, refund, register, renown, tusk 176

Lesson 30 of  Level 5

burden, compromise, craft, crook, currency, enigma, fragile, hybrid, innocence, merge,
moderate, overwhelm, perception, reunion, rig, shiver, sociable, talkative, tow, tramp, stretcher

Level 6

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Lesson 1  of  Level 6

alleviate, astrology, differentiate, disrupt, equation, err, erroneous, frantic, hull, inadvertent, improvise, latitude, mariner, multitude, nuisance, permanence, revolve, soothe, stranded, volatile (+ course+ opt+ constellation )

Lesson 2 of  Level 6
arduous, attain, coexist, conceive, dubious, ego, elastic, endeavor, engrave, excavate,
jagged, locale, mold, outright, periphery, plaster, shovel, skeletal, terrestrial, vicious (+ dirt+ initial(n)+ curator+ feud+ spa )

Lesson 3  of  Level 6
absurd, anemia, aristocracy, aristocrat, attire, craze, enlarge, excess, feminine, hallmark,
pad, predominant, reputable, rouge, signify, strap, tangle, vanity, vie, vulgar
) at the other/opposite extreme+maid+ wig+ stuffed+ sole+ heel+ filth+ lace+ column)

Lesson 4  of  Level 6
attic, chunk, civic, descent, din, dissatisfy, fuss, gourmet, hence, intrinsic, kettle, ministry,
ordeal, outspoken, overwork, particular, pungent, snore, soundly, superintendent
(veranda + sauna(

Lesson 5  of  Level 6
alternate, apologetic, benign, char, clarify, distress, dogged, ensue, gasp, negotiate,
overdose, persuasion, relay, reluctance, restate, sesame, sip, verge, wary, waver
(read+ straw+

Lesson 6  of  Level 6
ashore, contradict, counterpart, devoid, diverge, elude, embryo, fend, fictitious, gazette,
homogeneous, obstruct, plunge, prolong, publicize, sparse, surplus, theorize, verify, vigorous

Lesson 7  of  Level 6

altar, arthritis Bee stings have been known to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. , botany, credible, deceased (decease), deception, decipher, dung, dusk, gratify, hone, mash, ornate, pneumonia, psychic, psychotic, scope, sinister, strife, therapeutic

Lesson 8  of  Level 6
congested, courier, deform, etiquette, exclusive, freight, garment, insomnia, intuitive, liable,
obsess, overboard, premium, privilege, propel, socialize, suppress, tram, unsettle, warp 50

Lesson 9  of  Level 6
artery, deterioration, elusive, forage, ++ impede, induce, inseparable, invalid, magnify, mainstream,
microbe, negligible, paralysis, pest, prevail, respiration, rupture, savage, stun, susceptible

Lesson 10  of  Level 6
accumulate, aerial, apparatus, avalanche, consistency, convection, discharge, intact, mortal,
omen, overcast, poignant, ranger, rubble, seclude, sideways, sob, sober, speck, upbringing

Lesson 11  of  Level 6
advocate, authorize, civilian, commodity, conquest, disclose, dynamics, enroll, envious,
euphoria, festive, jolly, lentil, marshal, morale, prophecy, sage, senate, sentiment, unrest

Lesson 12  of  Level 6
adorn, bliss, butler, cramp, dilapidated, evoke, farewell, faucet, filth, flaw, grin,
housekeeping, mound, numb, reckless, slate, stool, testament, timber, valve

Lesson 13  of  Level 6
certify, collaborate, compile, counteract, curb, diagnose, enact, federation, gross, humane,
intolerable, needy, onset, pledge, prohibit, rash, render, smallpox, transmit, vow

Lesson 14  of  Level 6
camouflage, contemplate, contend, cot, enlist, frontier, handbook, hesitant, lush, marrow,
outfit, paw, quiver, splendid, stray, substantial, torch, tract, vigil, weary

Lesson 15  of  Level 6
adhere, administer, compassionate, contaminate, deficiency, epidemic, hazard, imperative, intestines, manifest, metabolic, overcrowded, paramount, practitioner, provision, replenish, sterile, upgrade, viable, voluntary

Lesson 16  of  Level 6

  amid, backstage, billionaire, brute, clumsy, collide, culprit, evacuate, flammable, mob,
premature, resent, satire, scrutiny, segregate, subject, testify, tumult, underestimate, uproar

Lesson 17  of  Level 6
accelerate, anew, defect, dreary, duplicate, electromagnetic, electron, glide, ingenious, innovation, innovative, launch, meteorological, meteorology, penetrate, propulsion, simulate, spur, stimulate, tenacious

Lesson 18  of  Level 6

beforehand, centigrade, chatter, concerto, condense, cove, deteriorate, exterior, freeway, hearty, hospitable, manor, monastery, nursery, outstretched, parcel, profile, vivacious, winding, zip

Lesson 19  of  Level 6
airway, Almighty, advent, constellation, definitive, equate, inhale, invoke, lunar, novelty,
outmoded, personalize, pertain, primal, psychiatric, psychiatry, reflex, seizure, session, utensil

Lesson 20 of  Level 6

adhesive, adverse, dependency, dump, eternal, fluctuate (fluctuation), fro, inclusion, intermediate, intermittent, mentor, phoenix, photosynthesis, pollen, regain, reverse, swarm, texture, tickle, vibrant

Lesson 21  of  Level 6

abolish, amend, aspire, censor, charter, constitution, cosmopolitan, disseminate, flatter,
infamous, lame, limp, outburst, pathological, phenomenal, poll, remorse, secrecy, tackle, trance

Lesson 22  of  Level 6
coward, delete, firsthand, earnest, ethnic, exclude, fluent, imperial, inclusive, legislature,
linguistic, monolingual, nationality, patriot, prosecute, racial, solemn, solidarity, tact, undermine

Lesson 23  of  Level 6
allocate, appetizing, blizzard, cavity, clockwise, concentric, courtesy, crisp, discord, frigid,
generate, glacial, interchange, locker, multicultural, omission, oversee, pierce, replicate, wavy

Lesson 24  of  Level 6
abide, conversion, cram, defer, export, fume, habitual, justify, output, overpopulation, patent, penalize, petroleum, prototype, scrap, sector, subscribe, subsist, suspend, synthesis

Lesson 25  of  Level 6
acrobat, advocacy, communal, fluid, harmonize, industrious, inventive, judicial, Mandarin,
metropolitan, mimic, misguided, rehearse, scorn, sensory, staple, statute, veteran, villain, vine

Lesson 26  of  Level 6
constrain, depot, emulate, forefinger, guts, inherent, intimidate, janitor, moist, nope,
prod, ransom, restrain, saliva, spit, sprint, stunt, tolerant, vampire, yawn

Lesson 27  of  Level 6

analogy, ancestry, archer, conspiracy, deputy, earl, fragrant, funnel, hereditary, hymn,
invert, prey, procession, prophet, sarcastic, seasoning, sodium, tyranny, tyrant, vinegar

Lesson 28  of  Level 6

adjoining, allege, arch, assemble, casualty, erect, foul, hectare, heighten, hospitality,
mansion, outnumber, overjoyed, pasture, petition, renovate, revise, slab, terrace, turf

Lesson 29  of  Level 6

analogous, binoculars, bulk, comprise, depict, dual, Fahrenheit, fulfill, grove, ore, outback,
outweigh, paradox, pier, shortcut, tariff, thermometer, tilt, vice versa, whereabouts

Lesson 30 of  Level 6

amber, charcoal, columnist, courteous, credentials, crickets, delta, detergent, euphemism,
expire, granite, gravel, haunt, liberal, maze, moss, peck, pebble, reservoir, streak

Level 7

Lesson 1 of Level 7

intruder, avert, concrete, initiative, recruitment, inundate, intersection, protester, detain,  habeas corpus, forestall, hangover, infancy, garner, sought, expenditure, procure, allegation, illicit, jeopardize


Lesson 2 of Level 7

insatiable, poacher, marvellous, indigent, burial, fiscal, commodity, widen, deficit, inflation, retail, wholesale, dominant, theme, haphazard, intensity, obedient, inborn, judicious, survey


Lesson 3 of Level 7

infection, indiscriminate, foresight, prohibition, strive, exhort, torrent, repertoire, sluggish, vindicate, oral, furtive, momentum, jeopardy, nomination, ascertain, derailment, outskirts, habituate


Lesson 4 of Level 7

dwindle, purport, infiltrate, informer, tangible, adroit, articulate, eradicate, incidence, diet, ascribe, emit, discrete, remnant, vacancy, exacerbate, tension, exacerbate, recession, traditional

Lesson 5 of Level 7

assurances, foe, Columnist, investor, germane, regulation, intrude, treatment, illiteracy, morality, fallacious, hazy, gallant, remarkable, frugal, haven, acclaim, inflation, fortify, narrowly, assassination, impure

Lesson 6 of Level 7

vacillate, inadequacy, lecturer, implore, hamper, expulsion, prominent, cleric, influential, delineate, convene, compliance, obligation, flourish, insignificant, economic, offensive, imminent, pupil, strengthen

Lesson 7 of Level 7

laudable, languished, detention, dungeon, sanction, loyalty, gamut, loyalty, gamut, manual, transmission, selfish, foolish,

Lesson 8 of Level 7

fine,  Inspector, violation, ceasefire, minor, negotiation, assault, foretell, illegible, phenomenon, integration, hastily, abusive, referee, incarcerate, intentional, boon, fastidious, preference, ample

Lesson 9 of Level 7

flout, extensive, hasten, demise, Condolence, purify, glib, spawn, led, evade, reliance, stalk, inexorable, align, matrimony, decree, repeal, displace, autonomous, displace

Lesson 10 of Level 7

campus, association, election, pacify, adversary, verse, irregular, elicit, recourse, literally, integral, curriculum, prosperous, merely, daze, retort, extraneous, frail, override, matter

Lesson 11 of Level 7

intensify, discard, litter, lot, momentum, expressive, abstain, degenerate, fiasco, squad, ballot, docile, maim, idol, fallacy, wrath, banal, pretext, affable, infraction

Lesson 12 of level 7

dexterity, implicit, coerce, whim, cajole, partnership, survival, comply, accusation, in-depth, electrical, insulation, extremism, forum, marginal, clarity, deploy, breach, sovereignty, sanctity

Lesson 13 of level 7

bandit, abduct, gunpoint, enslave, loot, mitigate, transient, devalue, devaluation, speculation, shuffle, reshuffle, merger, sanitary, tax, taxing, blasphemy, acquaintance, feign, pathos, mull, agenda

Lesson 14 of level 7

hardliner, infltration, reformer, stoke, counter, perplex, Toll, corone, antidote, synthetic, narcotic, opiate, Expat, spotlight, eligible, malignant, contagion, pervade, endanger, stability

Lesson 15 of level 7

raid, hostage, peasant, grievance, air, checkpoint, curfew, bore, bear, counsellor, stoical, scandal, address, corporation, resistant, mutiny, imprisonment, man, bribery, corruption, drug

Lesson 16 of level 7

bestow, heroism, commitment, inheritance, unsolicited, summarily, ethos, abate, odour, emission, efficiency,
resident, volume, salvage, be under way, call off, emerald, ailing, insightful , ethereal, attest , audacity


Lesson 17 of level 7

zenith, heated, compensation, incur, porcupine, spiny, astute, binder, bargain, elite, abort, embryo, fertilize, assimilate, lucid. accommodation, luxurious, cruise, unmitigated, clandestine, whistle-blower, unpretentious, reportedly, delegation


Lesson 18 of level 7

restriction, exempt, compulsory, seminary, biometric, iris, legislation, disrobe, vestry, disperse, abhor, squander, flirt, incorrigible, dormant , prune, accordexhaustive, undergo, renovation, revoke


Lesson 19 of level 7

dissident, fallout, breakup, rift, sectarian, argumentative, noose, reprieve, rap, subdue, uphold, suspension, verdict, extremist, unfold, disband, Chancellor, defendant, destined, paradigm, concise, potent


Lesson 20 of level 7

neutralizes , neutrality, footage, oppression, oppressive, harrowing, culpable, indecent, surpass, threshold, nominee, caucus, bearing, antipathy, Stationary, queue, lorry, swerve, morsel, consolation, worse off, mourning, slay

Lesson 21 of level 7

Slender, implication, catastrophic, heedless, peruse, upshot, entry, plight, nomad, nomadic, antithesis, embellish, jargon, inaugurate, glaring, Briton, partake, ammunition, might, convincing, cache, ram, girder


Lesson 22 of level 7

extravagant, commemorate, pilgrim, converge, auspicious, wreath, reciprocationDemonstrator, augment, bonuses, synergy, prosperity , interdependence, implementation,  purge, coup , assassinate, gag, foul, muffle, dismissalcontroversial


Lesson 23 of level 7

eccentric, assent, subside, superfluous,  seem,  Molest, obscene,  smuggle, Juvenile,  delinquent, delinquencyblurred, prankoffenderpersistentwarring, faction, rehabilitate, calamity, planetary, pauper, dissent


Lesson 24 of level 7

murmur, discontent,  quench, Impulsiveindecisive,  standstilldisregard,  margin, cordial,  loathing, vigor, vigour,  catalyst, chlorine, exposedfrostbite, lead, exposure, prolongematernal, extraction  


Lesson 25 of level 7

pollutant, sulfur (sulphur), glittergraceful, opulent, airy, potency, rebellion, tin, ambivalent, ambivalence, gospel, rigour, facade, orientation, slide, hears, outbreak, hostility,partition


Lesson 26 of level 7

cessation, arouse, wean, distastesympathizepredicament, expression, figure, ire, conservationist, puristconsortium, obsequioussurrogate,
warfare, guerrilla, overthrow, deterrent, agony, descendant


Lesson 27 level 7

altruism, intensive, vice, passionate, long, disturbance, mortar, bewilder, resentful, intrusion, invoice,  parchment, quillmanuredeity, rular, delusion, revisionharbourgrudge



Lesson 28 level 7