Lesson 26 level 7

cessation, arouse, wean, distastesympathizepredicament, expression, figure, ire, conservationist, puristconsortium,



News 1

-he called for an immediate cessation of hostilities. (=when the fighting stops in a war)

-The probability of smoking cessation increased by 40% if a person smoked less than
10 cigarettes per day.
-*This led to a wider cessation of hostilities, although it was never formalized.


cessation: end, ending, termination, stopping, halting

antonyms: start, resumption

News 2


Consequently, the Franco regime could not institute a programme of land reform without arousing the hostility of the landowners.


-His strange behavior aroused my suspicions.
-*they had aroused his hostility and suspicion.
-The resignation of the managing director is certain to arouse new fears about the
future of the company.

-The success of the recent TV series has aroused young people’s curiosity about
nature in general.
-an ability to influence the audience and to arouse the masses.
-*that will arouse great controversy.
-she was aroused from her sleep by her mother.



1.cause, evoke, pique, whet, stir, generate, provoke
2.wake, wake up, waken, awaken

News 3


-It arouses dim memories of that tragic time when the flow of milk ceased for the child, when he was weaned.

-Some infants are weaned at six months.


News 4

-Her distaste has since evolved into ambivalent fascination.

-Gina moved away from me with a look of distaste on her face.
-Oliver looked with distaste at my clothes.
-He had a distaste for violence, but in his business it was a necessity.
-He held out his arms to Ion, who stepped back in cold distaste.
-*He looked with distaste at the rotting timbers above them.
-*I stood behind him, trying to conceal my fear and distaste.

-*her distaste for any form of compromise.
-she has shown a distaste for politics.

distaste: dislike



News 5

-*It’s hard not to sympathize with the plight of single parents in today’s world.
-My dear, I completely understand and sympathize, but there’s not much I can do
about it, really.
-*Anyone who has ever waited in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles will
sympathize with this dilemma.
-they sympathize with feminist critiques of traditional theory.(agree, support)

-he sympathized with his tearful wife.

1.feel/be sorry for
2. agree, support



News 6

-it is easy to understand and sympathize with his predicament.

-But he says the company basically is in the same predicament it was 10 years ago.
-How do the new classical macroeconomists explain that predicament?

-*The pathos of Antoine’s predicament is clearly articulated in this passage.


predicament: plight, difficult situation, dilemma



News 7

-There was no expression on his face, just the blank skin facade of hunger and tiredness.

-‘Shadow-boxing’? I’ve never heard that expression before!
-“I’m not eating it,” Maria said, with an expression of disgust on her face.
-“It’ll be alright in the end’ — that was my mother’s favourite expression.
-Each of the statues has a different facial expression.
-He said he didn’t care — well actually he used a rude expression that I can’t
-His expression became serious as he listened to her story.
-I don’t normally use that expression myself, but I’ve heard other people use it
-The expression on her face told me that she didn’t want to discuss it.
-x² + 4 is an algebraic expression.
-You use the expression “break a leg” to wish an actor good luck.
-Her expression indicated that the call was urgent.


News 8

-The glittering figure who impressed us so much.

-her tall slender figure.

-“”We need $30,000 to get the project started.” “”How close are you to that

-*a figure in a red robe.
-a rare 16th century Japanese figure.
-Ali was one of the great sports figures of this century.
-Caroline really has a terrific figure.
-*Dark figures emerged from the building, and disappeared into the night.
-*Exercise and a sensible diet will help you get your figure back after having a

-Government figures published today show that unemployment is rising again.
-He offered to buy the team for the figure of $140 million.
-I saw the figure of a woman below the bridge.
-*Inflation in Japan is around 3%, while the German figure is now over 4%.
-Ohio’s employment figures for December are not available.
-On a cheque, write the amount in words and in figures.
-sales figures.

-She eats enormous meals but still manages to keep her figure.
-Susie wore a close-fitting black dress which made the most of her figure.
-She turned slowly and looked at the figure in the chair.
-He needs to sit down and figure out how many people are coming.
-I’m telling you because I figure you’re the only one who can keep a secret.
-The operation went fine, and they figure he’ll be home next week.
-There has been criticism about the current method for figuring social security
retirement benefits.
-What do you figure his chances of winning are?
-You haven’t figured it out yet?


News 9

-But she also attracted the ire of advocacy groups.

-She did not raise the ire of teachers.
-That, too, is raising the neighbours’ ire.


News 10

-*the plans provoked the ire of conservationists.

-But conservationists said words must be backed by actions.
-*So conservationists hope they can preserve the area’s outstanding natural beauty
and cater for the tourists too.
-*This would pose historians and conservationists with a dilemma.

News 11


-But the idea of such a garage has drawn the ire of park purists.

-Baseball purists would be against reducing the number of games.
-Thirdly, it was an answer to the jazz purists.

News 12


-Despite extensive plans by the consortium for landscaping, the conservationists claim the dump would turn into an eyesore.

-The cost of making the programs was shared by a consortium of six public
television stations.
-It was hoped that sale of the stake would benefit the consortium.
-*The consortium is accused of depositing more than $ 1.4m in Mr Sole’s accounts
over three years.
-*The bid was made by a consortium headed by Sir James Goldsmith through a specially
created company called Hoylake.



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