ef5317ddf2a4d7a616bd3c911b91203cبه دوره آموزشی کلمات ضروری خوش آمدید

برای وارد شدن به درس ها روی عنوان ها کلیک نمایید

کلمات رنگی شده این بخش کلمات پر کاربرد آزمون های زبان ارشد و دکترا می باشند اما بدون شک تمامی کلمات مهم می باشند

Level 1

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Lesson 1 of Level 1

afraid, agree, angry, arrive, attack, bottom, clever, cruel, finally, hide, hunt, lot,
middle, moment, pleased, promise, reply, safe, trick, well

Lesson 2 of Level 1
adventure, approach, carefully, chemical, create, evil, experiment, kill, laboratory, laugh, loud, nervous, noise, project, scare, secret, shout, smell, terrible, worse

Lesson 3 of Level 1

alien, among, chart, cloud, comprehend, describe, ever, fail, friendly, grade,
instead, library, planet, report, several, solve, suddenly, suppose, universe, view

Lesson 4 of Level 1

appropriate, avoid, behave, calm, concern, content, expect, frequently, habit, instruct, issue, none, patient, positive, punish, represent, shake, spread, stroll, village

Lesson 5 of Level 1
aware, badly, belong, continue, error, experience, field, hurt, judgment, likely,
normal, rare, relax, request, reside, result, roll, since, visible, wild

Lesson 6 of Level 1

advantage, cause, choice, community, dead, distance, escape, face, follow,
fright, ghost, individual, pet, reach, return, survive, upset, voice, weather, wise

Lesson 7 of Level 1
allow, announce, beside, challenge, claim, condition, contribute, difference, divide, expert, famous, force, harm, lay, peace, prince, protect, sense, sudden, therefore

Lesson 8 of Level 1
accept, arrange, attend, balance, contrast, encourage, familiar, grab, hang, huge, necessary, pattern, propose, purpose, release, require, single, success, tear, theory

Lesson 9 of Level 1
against, beach, damage, discover, emotion, fix, frank, identify, island, ocean,
perhaps, pleasant, prevent, rock, save, step, still, taste, throw, wave

Lesson 10 of Level 1
benefit, certain, chance, effect, essential, far, focus, function, grass, guard,
image, immediate, primary, proud, remain, rest, separate, site, tail, trouble

Lesson 11 of Level 1

anymore, asleep, berry, collect, compete, conversation, creature, decision, either, forest, ground, introduce, marry, prepare, sail, serious, spend, strange, truth, wake

Lesson 12 of Level 1

 alone, apartment, article, artist, attitude, compare, judge, magazine, material, meal, method, neighbor, professional, profit, quality, shape, space, stair, symbol, thin

Lesson 13 of Level 1
blood, burn, cell, contain, correct, crop, demand, equal, feed, hole, increase,
lord, owe, position, raise, responsible, sight, spot, structure, whole

Lesson 14 of Level 1

coach, control, description, direct, exam, example, limit, local, magical, mail,
novel, outline, poet, print, scene, sheet, silly, store, suffer, technology

Lesson 15 of Level 1
across, breathe, characteristic, consume, excite, extreme, fear, fortunate, happen, length, mistake, observe, opportunity, prize, race, realize, respond, risk, wonder, yet

Lesson 16 of Level 1
academy, ancient, board, century, clue, concert, county, dictionary, exist, flat, gentleman, hidden, maybe, officer, original, pound, process, publish, theater, wealth

Lesson 17 of Level 1
appreciate, available, beat, bright, celebrate, determine, disappear, else, fair, flow, forward, hill, level, lone, puddle, response, season, solution, waste, whether

Lesson 18 of Level 1
argue, communicate, crowd, depend, dish, empty, exact, fresh, gather, indicate, item, offer, price, product, property, purchase, recommend, select, tool, treat

Lesson 19 of Level 1
alive, bone, bother, captain, conclusion, doubt, explore, foreign, glad, however, injustice, international, lawyer, mention, policy, social, speech, staff, toward, wood

Lesson 20 of Level 1
achieve, advise, already, basic, bit, consider, destroy, entertain, extra, goal, lie, meat, opinion, real, reflect, regard, serve, vegetable, war, worth

Lesson 21 of Level 1
appear, base, brain, career, clerk, effort, enter, excellent, hero, hurry, inform, later, leave, locate, nurse, operation, pain, refuse, though, various

Lesson 22 of Level 1
actual, amaze, charge, comfort, contact, customer, deliver, earn, gate, include, manage, mystery, occur, opposite, plate, receive, reward, set, steal, thief

Lesson 23 of Level 1
advance, athlete, average, behavior, behind, course, lower, match, member, mental, passenger, personality, poem, pole, remove, safety, shoot, sound, swim, web

Lesson 24 of Level 1
block, cheer, complex, critic, event, exercise, fit, friendship, guide, lack,
passage, perform, pressure, probable, public, strike, support, task, term, unite

Lesson 25 of Level 1
associate, environment, factory, feature, instance, involve, medicine, mix, organize, period, populate, produce, range, recognize, regular, sign, tip, tradition, trash, wide

Lesson 26 of Level 1
advice, along, attention, attract, climb, drop, final, further, imply, maintain, neither, otherwise, physical, prove, react, ride, situated, society, standard, suggest

Lesson 27 of Level 1
actually, bite, coast, deal, desert, earthquake, effective, examine, false, gift, hunger, imagine, journey, puzzle, quite, rather, specific, tour, trip, value

Lesson 28 of Level 1
band, barely, boring, cancel, driveway, garbage, instrument, list, magic, message, notice, own, predict, professor, rush, schedule, share, stage, storm, within

Lesson 29 of Level 1
advertise, assign, audience, breakfast, competition, cool, gain, importance, knowledge,
major, mean, prefer, president, progress, respect, rich, skill, somehow, strength, vote

Lesson 30 of Level 1
above, ahead, amount, belief, center, common, cost, demonstrate, different, evidence, honesty, idiom, independent, inside, master, memory, proper, scan, section, surface



Level 2

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Lesson 1 of  Level 2
anxious, awful, consist, desire, eager, household, intent, landscape, lift, load,
lung, motion, pace, polite, possess, rapidly, remark, seek, shine, spill
mm ■ wm

Lesson 2 of  Level 2
bring, castle, command, counsel, ensure, explosion, jewelry, land, meteor, monster, northern, remote, southern, statue, steam, submit, temple, upper, weed, wing

Lesson 3 of  Level 2
arrow, battle, bow, brave, chief, disadvantage, enemy, entrance, hardly, intend, laughter, log, military, obey, secure, steady, trust, twist, unless, weapon, (shield, Spartan , stick)

Lesson 4 of  Level 2
4 chest, confidence, consequence, disaster, disturb, estimate, honor, impress, marathon, narrow, pale, rough, satisfy, scream, sensitive, shade, supplement, terror, threat, victim

Lesson 5 of  Level 2
ancestor, angle, boot, border, congratulate, frame, heaven, incredible, legend, praise, proceed, pure, relative, senior, silent, sink, superior, surround, thick, wrap

Lesson 6 of  Level 2
abroad, anger, bride, brief, chase, disappoint, dive, exchange, favor, fee, forever, guy, lovely, mood, palace, permit, protest, sculpture, tribe, youth

Lesson 7 of  Level 2
basis, biology, cage, colleague, colony, debate, depart, depress, factual, fascinate, mission, nevertheless, occupation, overseas, persuade, route, ruins, scholar, significant, volcano

Lesson 8 of  Level 2
broad, bush, capable, cheat, concentrate, conclude, confident, considerable, convey, definite, delight, destination, dictate, edge, path, resort, shadow, succeed, suspect, valley

Lesson 9 of  Level 2
admire, aid, attempt, authority, capital, cooperate, defend, destruction, disorder, division, enable, frustrate, govern, plenty, relieve, reputation, royal, slave, struggle, stupid

Lesson 10 of  Level 2
citizen, council, declare, enormous, extraordinary, fog, funeral, giant, impression, income, mad, ought, resist, reveal, rid, sword, tale, trap, trial, violent

Lesson 11 of  Level 2
admission, astronomy, blame, chemistry, despite, dinosaur, exhibit, fame, forecast, genius, gentle, geography, interfere, lightly, principal, row, shelf, spite, super, wet

Lesson 12 of  Level 2
12 abuse, afford, bake, bean, candle, convert, debt, decrease, fault, fund, generous, ingredient, insist, mess, metal, monitor, oppose, passive, quantity, sue

Lesson 13 of  Level 2
anxiety, army, billion, carve, consult, emergency, fortune, guarantee, hike, initial, intense, lend, peak, potential, pride, proof, quit, spin, tiny, tutor

Lesson 14 of  Level 2
apparent, blind, calculate, chat, commit, compose, dormitory, exhaust, greenhouse, ignore, obvious, physics, portion, remind, secretary, severe, talent, thesis, uniform, vision

Lesson 15 of  Level 2
absorb, boss, committee, contract, crew, devote, dig, dine, donate, double, elevate, flavor, foundation , generation, handle, layer, mud, smooth, soil, unique

Lesson 16 of  Level 2
chamber, deny, document, emphasize, fever, flu, freeze, gesture, interrupt, last, likeness , moreover, perspective, rational, recover, rely, shock, shy, stare, thus

Lesson 17 of  Level 2
aim, attach, bet, carriage, classic, commute, confirm, criticize, differ, expense,
formal, height, invent, junior, labor, mechanic, prime, shift, signal, sincere

Lesson 18 of  Level 2
ability, agriculture, cartoon, ceiling, convince, curious, delay, diary, element, faith, grain, greet, investigate, joy, label, monk, odd, pause, priest, profession

Lesson 19 of  Level 2
adopt, beg, beyond, costume, exclaim, extend, fool, forbid, illustrate, indeed,
interpret, kindly, motive, nest, origin, reception, reject, silence, stream, tone

Lesson 20 of  Level 2
accomplish, approve, approximate, barrier, detect, duty, elementary, failure, gradual, immigrant, insert, instant, poverty, pretend, rank, recognition, refrigerate, rent, retire, statistic

Lesson 21 of  Level 2
astronaut, awake, courage, float, grant, gravity, jewel, miner, mineral, participate, permission, pour, presence, raw, satellite, scale, skip, stretch, telescope, underground

Lesson 22 of  Level 2
alarm, apart, arrest, award, breed, bucket, contest, convict, garage, journalist,
pup, qualify, repair, resume, rob, slip, somewhat, stable, tissue, yard

Lesson 23 of  Level 2
alike, annoy, architecture, artificial, chain, distinct, distinguish, dust, excitement, heal, inherit, manner, mount, roof, shortage, solid, stock, substance, tomb, wound

Lesson 24 of  Level 2
bath, bend, chew, disabled, fantastic, fiction, flag, inspect, journal, liquid, marvel,
nutrient, overcome, recall, regret, soul, sufficient, surgery, tough, tube

Lesson 25 of  Level 2
admit, bin, bowl, cabin, cash, criminal, dozen, elder, facial, fence, inspire, mere, neat, occasion, penalty, rude, settle, vehicle, wallet, yell

Lesson 26 of  Level 2
accuse, adjust, amuse, coral, cotton, crash, deck, engage, firm, fuel, grand,
hurricane, loss, plain, reef, shut, strict, surf, task, zone

Lesson 27 of  Level 2
apology, bold, capture, cardinal, duke, expose, guilty, hire, innocent, jail, minister, ordinary, permanent, preserve, pronounce, resemble, symptom, tobacco, twin, witch

Lesson 28 of  Level 2
accompany, bare, branch, breath, bridge, cast, dare, electronic, inn, net, philosophy, pot, seed, sharp, sort, subtract, tight, virtual, weigh, whisper

Lesson 29 of  Level 2
abstract, annual, clay, cloth, curtain, deserve, feather, fertile, flood, furniture, grave, ideal, intelligence, nowadays, obtain, religious, romantic, shell, shore, wheel

Lesson 30 of  Level 2
appeal, assume, borrow, client, downtown, dull, embarrass, fare, former, formula, found, invest, loan, practical, quarter, salary, scholarship, temporary, treasure, urge

Level 3

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Lesson 1  of  Level 3

arise, benefactor, blacksmith, charitable, chimney, compensate, encounter, exceed, forge,
humble, iron, ladder, modest, occupy, penny, preach, prosper, province, satisfaction, sustain

Lesson 2 of  Level 3
acquire, awkward, caretaker, deceive, discourage, fake, hatred, hut, inferior, lodge, neglect, newcomer, offense, overlook, repay, ridiculous, satisfactory, shepherd, venture, wheat

Lesson 3 of  Level 3
alley, ax, bunch, chore, decent, disgrace, elbow, grateful, irritate, kid, loose, offend, overnight, persist, pine, scar, sensation, sled, tease, valentine

Lesson 4 of  Level 3
bloom, compact, curl, decay, dessert, dip, distant, eclipse, fairy, grace, leisure, mankind, passion, pillow, pulse, refresh, sneeze, spice, whistle, wool

Lesson 5 of  Level 3

acquaint, cemetery, curse, disguise, fancy, flashlight, hood, inhabitant, nourish, pirate, publication, riddle, rot, scare, shortly, skeleton, spoil, starve, thrill, wicked

Lesson 6 of  Level 3

alert, broadcast, bulletin, bump, chop, closet, console, district, drawer, endure, execute, grasp, rear, senator, skull, stir, tap, tremendous, underneath, worm

Lesson 7 of  Level 3

abandon, ambitious,bark, bay, brilliant, chin, complaint, deaf, enthusiastic, expedition, horizon, loyal, mayor, mutual, overweight, refuge, restore, rub, senses, veterinarian

Lesson 8 of  Level 3
anniversary, arithmetic, ashamed, burst, carpenter, coal, couch, drip, elegant, fabric, highlands, ivory, mill, needle, polish, sew, shed, thread, trim, upwards

Lesson 9 of  Level 3
ail, ally, boast, bounce, bully, carbohydrate, crawl, defeat, dial, dominant, mercy, nod, opponent, quarrel, rival, sore, sting, strain, torture, wrestle

Lesson 10 of  Level 3
absence, aloud, bald, blanket, creep, divorce, imitate, infant, kidnap, nap, nowhere, pat, relief, reproduce, rhyme, suck, urgent, vanish, wagon, wrinkle

Lesson 11 of  Level 3
abnormal, bamboo, blossom, compass, dialect, dishonest, dwarf, ecosystem, fatal, impatient, leaf, manuscript, marsh, patience, perfume, pond, proverb, pursuit, recite, wilderness

Lesson 12 of  Level 3
anticipate, barrel, beam, casual, caution, contrary, deliberate, dissolve, explode, fasten, germ, kit, puff, rag, scatter, scent, steel, swift, toss, triumph

Lesson 13 of  Level 3
aboard, bitter, bullet, devil, drift, enforce, fountain, harbor, inhabit, march, millionaire, port, sheriff, startle, sweat, trigger, unify, vessel, voyage, worship

Lesson 14 of  Level 3
apprentice, assure, bandage, bleed, bond, chef, crown, departure, diligent, emperor, fiber, horrible, impolite, kneel, luxury, massive, panic, priority, robe, scold

Lesson 15 of  Level 3
affair, assembly, bless, cereal, cheerful, diameter, exploit, famine, harvest, merry, nut, pardon, pharaoh, ripe, roast, routine, scheme, slim, stove, theft

Lesson 16 of  Level 3

 adolescent, aptitude, compliment, hinder, journalism, jury, justice, liberty, literary, pharmacy, pill, presume, privacy, punishment, sensible, slice, sorrow, straw, swell, tidy

Lesson 17 of  Level 3
affection, agency, ash, confine, dismiss, erupt, fate, lava, miserable, navigate, originate, remainder, retrieve, shallow, slope, span, superstition, sympathy, vibrate, wander

Lesson 18 of  Level 3

armor, blaze, boom, cliff, flame, independence, invasion, knight, lightning, rebel, retreat, revolution, spear, steep, summit, thunder, troops, warrior, withdraw, yield

Lesson 19 of  Level 3
bench, confront, daisy, dispute, horror, incident, mist, object, orphan, plot, pregnant,
rage, revenge, shame, sigh, sneak, spare, stem, supper, tender

Lesson 20 of  Level 3
beneath, cub, dawn, dissatisfied, ease, evident, hail, howl, leap, magnificent, necessity,
outcome, pile, profound, seize, squeeze, supreme, terrific, trait, vital (prey, forest, den, cub)

Lesson 21 of  Level 3
accustomed, affirm, astonished, bang, clan, dim, emphasis, fable, feast, glow, hollow,
instinct, joint, leak, physician, sacrifice, stiff, stroke, tragic, tune

Lesson 22 of  Level 3

accommodate, circus, coincide, commission, dose, dye, extent, gender, headline,
informal, inquire, messenger, peer, portrait, pose, ranch, steer, stripe, tame, tempt

Lesson 23 of  Level 3

Aborigine, ban, cautious, confess, cottage, daytime, desperate, fade, fierce, gamble,
lawn, mow, outlaw, prospect, purse, rod, seldom, shave, terrified, wizard

Lesson 24 of  Level 3

baggage, bulb, bundle, cattle, flee, graze, greed, herd, initiate, lane, luggage, nerve,
optimist, parade, pave, phantom, portable, poster, scratch, symphony, widow

Lesson 25 of  Level 3

circulate, consequent, derive, drown, dynasty, fraction, frost, illusion, invade, lieutenant,
marine, merit, navy, polar, ray, resign, suicide, tremble, underlying, via

Lesson 26 of  Level 3

alter, aside, autumn, blend, collapse, crush, curve, disgusting, drain, embrace, envy,
fireworks, flour, fuse, ginger, jealous, paste, receipt, wipe, wire

Lesson 27 of  Level 3

acknowledge, ambassador, blonde, conquer, drag, exaggerate, heritage, insult, meanwhile,
necklace, noble, precious, prejudice, rumor, sin, spectacle, stack, suspicious, tin, vase

Lesson 28 of  Level 3

ache, arctic, canal, chemist, chill, congress, dairy, descend, grocer, hesitate, institution,
jog, merchant, poke, postpone, splash, stubborn, suburb, tide, tragedy

Lesson 29 of  Level 3

bomb, certificate, circumstance, coffin, cope, criticism, devastate, frown, gaze, glance,
grief, groom, license, microscope, nuclear, portray, rotate, souvenir, submarine, trace

Lesson 30 of  Level 3

appliance, basin, broom, caterpillar, cupboard, delicate, emerge, handicap, hook, hop,
laundry, pursue, reluctant, sleeve, spine, stain, strip, swear, swing, utilize

Level 4

Download the sound files of the Level  4  (110 MB)

Lesson 1 of  Level 4

aroma, beverage, cluster, combine, condensed, contemporary, cultivate, divine, humid,
odor, palate, paradise, plantation, rapid, rate, soothing, subtle, texture, toxic, vary

Lesson 2 of  Level 4

accident, admiral, arc, character, conscience, fiery, flesh, grapefruit, hay, horrified,
kerosene, loop, paddle, raft, sour, stake, steward, string, thorn, wreck

Lesson 3 of  Level 4

admonish, audible, awesome, beware, brag, conscious, disagree, echo, eventual, hint,
idiot, immense, indirect, option, pastime, perfect, pinpoint, switch, thorough, torment

Lesson 4 of  Level 4

beak, damp, disapprove, except, flight, fond, immoral, ivy, moan, oblivious, perish, pit,
rim, roost, slippery, soar, trivial, typical, utterly, weep

Lesson 5 of  Level 4

awhile, cyberspace, edit, essay, evaluate, faint, global, gymnasium, highlight, ignorant,
index, lecture, moral, operate, private, recent, resolution, semester, typewritten, weird

Lesson 6 of  Level 4

absolute, alas, attentive, cape, envision, evenly, folk, melt, patch, pleasure, pop,
pudding, rail, recipe, role, shrink, soak, spark, spirit, suit

Lesson 7 of  Level 4

account, architect, conceal, crime, deed, gratitude, habitat, intervene, landmark, legal,
memorable, oblige, offence, proclaim, rally, resolve, resource, sentence, volunteer, witness

Lesson 8 of  Level 4

access, conduct, constant, crack, device, enclose, grip, halt, impending, influence, law,
mode, perspire, replace, snap, sly, tend, valid, version, whatsoever

Lesson 9 of  Level 4

alongside, appetite, assist, breeze, defy, display, efficient, feeble, forgive, lively, majestic,
nor, outraged, pessimistic, rumor, slap, smash, subject, wage, whereas

Lesson 10 of  Level 4

animate, classify, concede, concept, construct, decade, diagram, ferry, handy, isolate, longing,
numerous, particle, plea, refrain, review, sophisticated, surrender, upright, worthwhile

Lesson 11 of  Level 4

alliance, applause, armed, authoritative, ceremony, culture, defense, detail, diverse,
enchant, equip, exception, genre, impact, lure, obstacle, shelter, sort, supply, vain

Lesson 12 of  Level 4

alternative, avenue, belly, bid, blow, conflict, continent, current, disrespect, enthusiasm,
harsh, lean, meantime, mischief, muscle, rescue, succession, terrain, timid, violence

Lesson 13 of  Level 4

affect, autograph, bead, brew, charm, destiny, horn, irritable, lag, maximize, nightmare,
nutritious, protein, signature, stuff, subconscious, van, warn, workout, zoom

Lesson 14 of  Level 4

brick, crumble, dough, express, fist, flexible, flush, injure, lump, mixture, reconcile, ruin,
shatter, shutter, sift, slight, sparkle, sprinkle, stale, utter

Lesson 15 of  Level 4

although, apply, await, beloved, bury, climate, complain, confuse, due, entire, establish,
furnace, leash, mature, measure, midst, misery, prior, research, variety

Lesson 16 of  Level 4
altogether, bind, bruise, custom, disobedient, foresee, glimpse, hoop, misfortune,
negative, per, plead, rip, sake, scrape, source, stern, stitch, thump, vehement

Lesson 17 of  Level 4

civilization, convenient, den, dew, drastic, exit, flock, fold, lid, loom, mighty, mushroom,
native, poison, reed, shield, stormy, sway, urban, wade

Lesson 18 of  Level 4

accent, barber, basement, blank, blink, choir, comic, complicate, decline, errand, glove,
hermit, justly, leather, ponder, reserve, script, search, slam, staircase

Lesson 19 of  Level 4

afflicted, aisle , atmosphere, author, breakdown, cargo, chapter, connect, etc., flip, idle,
notify, pea, raisin, retain, state, tray, unfortunate, vivid, vomit

Lesson 20 of  Level 4

betray, blast, bracelet, cease, choke, civil, comment, cross, dent, distrust, fort, found,
lining, mass, pray, rife, sole, sweep, treachery, tuck

Lesson 21 of  Level 4

background, bait, chronicle, copper, disease, folklore, infect, itch, literature, millennium,
myth, promote, relate, religion, sum, teller, trustworthy, update, vein, venom

Lesson 22 of  Level 4

charity, commerce, condemn, cozy, deplete, economy, empire, goods, heed, hitchhike,
mock, neutral, persecute, pity, reduce, scribe, temper, throne, unity, victor

Lesson 23 of  Level 4

accurate, analyze, asteroid, controversy, evolve, factor, genetic, genome, identical, intellectual,
majority, mammal, multiply, offspring, pesticide, regulate, reinforce, stricken, vast, vegetarian

Lesson 24 of  Level 4
cherish, compassion, consent, core, cunning, dizzy, equilibrium, foster, grind, growl,
moderation, predator, sane, saucer, snatch, stagger, stumble, tense, tumble, withhold

Lesson 25 of  Level 4

aircraft, celebrity, concrete, decisive, esteemed, ethical, extinct, hardy, institute, jealousy,
migrate, nurture, overhead principle, rural, secluded, species, swamp, traverse, zoology

Lesson 26 of  Level 4

assumption, barley, beast, colonel, contagious, corpse, crisis, cure, deformed, discriminate,
embassy, extinguish, flint, harass, integrate, miniature, nutrition, promptly, technician, tropics

Lesson 27 of  Level 4
beneficial, birthplace, capacity, comparative, comprehensive, conserve, crucial, cumulative, deposit, distribute, equator, exotic, federal, formation, frequency, objective, oxygen, rainforest, strategy, wooded

Lesson 28 of  Level 4

avail, expand, define, dread, fundamental, horrifying, incredulous, linger, organism,
paraphrase, plague, presently, random, riot, scribble, shrine, solitude, stark, summon, worsen

Lesson 29 of  Level 4

automobile, candidate, confidential, corporate, enhance, era, guideline, incorporate, interact, interval, mobile, modify, parallel, phenomenon, pollute, ridicule, solar, territory, tournament, transportation

Lesson 30 of  Level 4

bill, boundary, chaos, consistent, cyclone, doomed, heir, martial, organic, poultry,
scramble, sergeant, sheer, stance, telegraph, textile, tornado, typhoon, wail, wardrobe

Level 5

Download the sound files of the Level  5

Lesson 1 of  Level 5

allot, appall, cache, convenience, dearth, deliberate, dire, elapse, empathy, fanciful,
gripe, grueling, mundane, opt, outrage, paltry, rectify, resourceful, sustenance, tedious

Lesson 2 of  Level 5

abbey, abundant, adjoin, ample, arid, cathedral, deprive, drought, eligible, fast,
grumble, inland, moisture, nonetheless, oath, prairie, ragged, rugged, scarce, speculate

Lesson 3 of  Level 5

analytic, assert, bachelor, calculus, celestial, cognitive, collision, competent, diploma, excel, geology, harness, intellect, keen, mythology, physiology, radioactive, relativity, sociology, theoretical

Lesson 4 of  Level 5
administrator, affluent, audit, automate, bribe, corrupt, dispose, headquarters, incentive, infrastructure, legislate, legitimate, manipulate, merchandise, retail, revenue, rubbish, subsidy, transaction, violate

Lesson 5 of  Level 5

assess, astonish, commence, essence, extract, fabulous, haste, impulse, latter, molecule, ongoing, pharmaceutical, precise, proximity, publicity, remedy, significance, subsequent, synthetic, terminal

Lesson 6 of  Level 5
altitude, coastline, deter, devise, expertise, fracture, impair, implement, indigenous,
insight, limb, migraine, optimism, peculiar, proficient, quest, ridge, spouse, thrust, tolerate


Lesson 7 of  Level 5

aquatic, biosphere, bizarre, Celsius, coarse, companion, digest, duration, ecology, feat, infinite, nucleus, parasite, prominent, repetitive, reproductive, temperate, tolerance, undergo, vulnerable

Lesson 8  of  Level 5

adept, barren, ceramic, culinary, dense, dignity, dominate, edible, hostile, intake, likewise,
malnutrition, medication, misconception, obscure, oppress, peel, prescription, respirator,

Lesson 9 of  Level 5

 archaic, benevolent, brass, capitalism, component, dependence, diminish, drawback, fad, impose, managerial, medieval, obsolete, peninsula, prestige, proportion, radical, refute, spectacular, weave

Lesson 10 of  Level 5
accountant, capitalist, contempt, dedicate, ditch, enterprise, exquisite, finance, indifferent, irrigate, maximize, monetary, precaution, preliminary, saturate, simplicity, sow, soy, spade, upcoming

Lesson 11 of  Level 5
acute, aggression, banquet, biography, boost, clap, compel, dominance, gorgeous, inevitable, legacy, masterpiece, multiple, narrate, notorious, outdated, overall, partiality, spontaneous, virtue

Lesson 12 of  Level 5
anthropology, applaud, appoint, compatible, competence, confer, consecutive, crude, cube, feedback, ignorance, masculine, monument, muscular, posture, situate, supervise, symmetry, tattoo, undergraduate

Lesson 13 of  Level 5
brook, cater, considerate, consumption, criteria (single form: criterion), crust, degrade, entitle, escort, external, facility, faculty, heap, hemisphere, hound, impersonal, ornament, pedestrian, sanctuary, spectator

Lesson 14 of  Level 5
asset, aspect, Braille, bud, coordinate, disprove, humanitarian, hypothesis, imprint, informative, optic, premise, rack, Renaissance, revere, simultaneous, skeptic, spatial, specify, wax

Lesson 15 of  Level 5

 accessory, acquisition, adequate, cardboard, dilemma, elaborate, facilitate, fleet, grid,
import, infer, inflate, innate, marble, mast, nausea, naval, pouch, saturated, updated

Lesson 16 of  Level 5

 addict, archeological, archeology, brainstorm, budget, chaotic, cite, correspond, courtyard,
estate, fraud, hydrogen, integrity, knit, outlook, parachute, prehistoric, proponent, refine, restrict

Lesson 17 of  Level 5
attorney, chronic, discipline, donor, fellow, gossip, graduate, graffiti, guardian, implicate,
kin, referee, sever, shaft, stab, stimulus, suspicion, terminate, theme, tuition

Lesson 18 of  Level 5
aggressive, amnesty, arena, auditorium, captive, combat, commonplace, compound,
corps, distract, dumb, foe, hack, meditate, nick, provoke, realm, reign, rust, sacred

Lesson 19 of  Level 5
accordingly, anchor, buoy, catastrophe, context, designate, distort, dock, fore, frequent,
genuine, grease, intricate, offset, overlap, precipitate, secondhand, slot, submerge, tactic

Lesson 20 of  Level 5
aggregate, antibiotic, circuit, complement, compress, database, equivalent, immune, input,
intimate, magnet, metabolism, microchip, phase, pinch, prevalent, quantum, ratio, spiral, viral

Lesson 21 of  Level 5

astounded, attribute, bilingual, clone, colloquial, cosmetics, dash, disgust, fluorescent,
furious, gulf, humanities, knot, linguist, participant, plausible, ritual, sibling, skinny, vague

Lesson 22 of  Level 5
acid, administration, administrative, biotechnology, cholesterol, coalition, deceptive, diabetes, eliminate, erosion, ethics, explicit, framework, manufacture, mechanism, minimize, nectar, notion, prone, straightforward

Lesson 23 of  Level 5
astronomical, atom, breadth, circumference, comet, crater, crescent, debris, despair, embed,
fragment, galaxy, gigantic, gloom, radiate, roam, solitary, spectrum, sphere, status

Lesson 24 of  Level 5
bankrupt, conform, employ, expel, extension, forthcoming, furnish, hygiene, hygienic, landlord, lease, mandatory, mend, mortgage, personnel, plumbing, tenant, trendy, utility, whereby

Lesson 25 of  Level 5

aesthetic, arrogant, bias, canyon, creek, drill, executive, fatigue, incline, nasty, perceive,
primate, primitive, stereotype, sticky, termite, thereby, trail, twig, welfare

Lesson 26 of  Level 5
behalf, flap, glacier, globe, horizontal, hum, inventory, inward, loaf, oracle, orbit, overview,
preview, previous, provide, recur, relevant, rite, stall, supernatural

Lesson 27 of  Level 5
adapt, biological, cellular, dynamic, fantasy, heredity, internal, minimal, pioneer, prescribe,
respective, revive, rigid, sequence, substitute, surgeon, therapy, transfer, transition, transplant

Lesson 28 of  Level 5

aquarium, arbitrary, autobiography, convention, gracious, improve, insulate, intrigue, longevity,
misplace, naughty, norm, orangutan, overload, philanthropy, probe, recipient, reptile, thrive, ultimate

Lesson 29 of  Level 5
antique, applicant , artifact, authentic, chronology, diplomat, epic, excerpt, fossil, humiliate,
lyric, majesty, monarch, precede, punctual, recruit, refund, register, renown, tusk 176

Lesson 30 of  Level 5

burden, compromise, craft, crook, currency, enigma, fragile, hybrid, innocence, merge,
moderate, overwhelm, perception, reunion, rig, shiver, sociable, talkative, tow, tramp

Level 6

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Lesson 1  of  Level 6

alleviate, astrology, differentiate, disrupt, equation, err, erroneous, frantic, hull, inadvertent, improvise, latitude, mariner, multitude, nuisance, permanence, revolve, soothe, stranded, volatile (+ course+ opt+ constellation )

Lesson 2 of  Level 6
arduous, attain, coexist, conceive, dubious, ego, elastic, endeavor, engrave, excavate,
jagged, locale, mold, outright, periphery, plaster, shovel, skeletal, terrestrial, vicious (+ dirt+ initial(n)+ curator+ feud+ spa )

Lesson 3  of  Level 6
absurd, anemia, aristocracy, aristocrat, attire, craze, enlarge, excess, feminine, hallmark,
pad, predominant, reputable, rouge, signify, strap, tangle, vanity, vie, vulgar
) at the other/opposite extreme+maid+ wig+ stuffed+ sole+ heel+ filth+ lace+ column)

Lesson 4  of  Level 6
attic, chunk, civic, descent, din, dissatisfy, fuss, gourmet, hence, intrinsic, kettle, ministry,
ordeal, outspoken, overwork, particular, pungent, snore, soundly, superintendent
(veranda + sauna(

Lesson 5  of  Level 6
alternate, apologetic, benign, char, clarify, distress, dogged, ensue, gasp, negotiate,
overdose, persuasion, relay, reluctance, restate, sesame, sip, verge, wary, waver
(read+ straw+

Lesson 6  of  Level 6
ashore, contradict, counterpart, devoid, diverge, elude, embryo, fend, fictitious, gazette,
homogeneous, obstruct, plunge, prolong, publicize, sparse, surplus, theorize, verify, vigorous

Lesson 7  of  Level 6

altar, arthritis Bee stings have been known to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. , botany, credible, deceased (decease), deception, decipher, dung, dusk, gratify, hone, mash, ornate, pneumonia, psychic, psychotic, scope, sinister, strife, therapeutic

Lesson 8  of  Level 6
congested, courier, deform, etiquette, exclusive, freight, garment, insomnia, intuitive, liable,
obsess, overboard, premium, privilege, propel, socialize, suppress, tram, unsettle, warp 50

Lesson 9  of  Level 6
artery, deterioration, elusive, forage, ++ impede, induce, inseparable, invalid, magnify, mainstream,
microbe, negligible, paralysis, pest, prevail, respiration, rupture, savage, stun, susceptible

Lesson 10  of  Level 6
accumulate, aerial, apparatus, avalanche, consistency, convection, discharge, intact, mortal,
omen, overcast, poignant, ranger, rubble, seclude, sideways, sob, sober, speck, upbringing

Lesson 11  of  Level 6
advocate, authorize, civilian, commodity, conquest, disclose, dynamics, enroll, envious,
euphoria, festive, jolly, lentil, marshal, morale, prophecy, sage, senate, sentiment, unrest

Lesson 12  of  Level 6
adorn, bliss, butler, cramp, dilapidated, evoke, farewell, faucet, filth, flaw, grin,
housekeeping, mound, numb, reckless, slate, stool, testament, timber, valve

Lesson 13  of  Level 6
certify, collaborate, compile, counteract, curb, diagnose, enact, federation, gross, humane,
intolerable, needy, onset, pledge, prohibit, rash, render, smallpox, transmit, vow

Lesson 14  of  Level 6
camouflage, contemplate, contend, cot, enlist, frontier, handbook, hesitant, lush, marrow,
outfit, paw, quiver, splendid, stray, substantial, torch, tract, vigil, weary 86

Lesson 15  of  Level 6
adhere, administer, compassionate, contaminate, deficiency, epidemic, hazard, imperative, intestines, manifest, metabolic, overcrowded, paramount, practitioner, provision, replenish, sterile, upgrade, viable, voluntary

Lesson 16  of  Level 6

  amid, backstage, billionaire, brute, clumsy, collide, culprit, evacuate, flammable, mob,
premature, resent, satire, scrutiny, segregate, subject, testify, tumult, underestimate, uproar

Lesson 17  of  Level 6
accelerate, anew, defect, dreary, duplicate, electromagnetic, electron, glide, ingenious, innovation, innovative, launch, meteorological, meteorology, penetrate, propulsion, simulate, spur, stimulate, tenacious

Lesson 18  of  Level 6

beforehand, centigrade, chatter, concerto, condense, cove, deteriorate, exterior, freeway, hearty, hospitable, manor, monastery, nursery, outstretched, parcel, profile, vivacious, winding, zip

Lesson 19  of  Level 6
airway, Almighty, advent, constellation, definitive, equate, inhale, invoke, lunar, novelty,
outmoded, personalize, pertain, primal, psychiatric, psychiatry, reflex, seizure, session, utensil

Lesson 20 of  Level 6

adhesive, adverse, dependency, dump, eternal, fluctuate (fluctuation), fro, inclusion, intermediate, intermittent, mentor, phoenix, photosynthesis, pollen, regain, reverse, swarm, texture, tickle, vibrant

Lesson 21  of  Level 6

abolish, amend, aspire, censor, charter, constitution, cosmopolitan, disseminate, flatter,
infamous, lame, limp, outburst, pathological, phenomenal, poll, remorse, secrecy, tackle, trance

Lesson 22  of  Level 6
coward, delete, firsthand, earnest, ethnic, exclude, fluent, imperial, inclusive, legislature,
linguistic, monolingual, nationality, patriot, prosecute, racial, solemn, solidarity, tact, undermine

Lesson 23  of  Level 6
allocate, appetizing, blizzard, cavity, clockwise, concentric, courtesy, crisp, discord, frigid,
generate, glacial, interchange, locker, multicultural, omission, oversee, pierce, replicate, wavy

Lesson 24  of  Level 6
abide, conversion, cram, defer, export, fume, habitual, justify, output, overpopulation, patent, penalize, petroleum, prototype, scrap, sector, subscribe, subsist, suspend, synthesis

Lesson 25  of  Level 6
acrobat, advocacy, communal, fluid, harmonize, industrious, inventive, judicial, Mandarin,
metropolitan, mimic, misguided, rehearse, scorn, sensory, staple, statute, veteran, villain, vine

Lesson 26  of  Level 6
constrain, depot, emulate, forefinger, guts, inherent, intimidate, janitor, moist, nope,
prod, ransom, restrain, saliva, spit, sprint, stunt, tolerant, vampire, yawn

Lesson 27  of  Level 6

analogy, ancestry, archer, conspiracy, deputy, earl, fragrant, funnel, hereditary, hymn,
invert, prey, procession, prophet, sarcastic, seasoning, sodium, tyranny, tyrant, vinegar 164

Lesson 28  of  Level 6

adjoining, allege, arch, assemble, casualty, erect, foul, hectare, heighten, hospitality,
mansion, outnumber, overjoyed, pasture, petition, renovate, revise, slab, terrace, turf 170

Lesson 29  of  Level 6

analogous, binoculars, bulk, comprise, depict, dual, Fahrenheit, fulfill, grove, ore, outback,
outweigh, paradox, pier, shortcut, tariff, thermometer, tilt, vice versa, whereabouts 176

Lesson 30 of  Level 6

amber, charcoal, columnist, courteous, credentials, crickets, delta, detergent, euphemism,
expire, granite, gravel, haunt, liberal, maze, moss, peck, pebble, reservoir, streak

Level 7

Lesson 1 of Level 7

intruder, avert, concrete, initiative, recruitment, inundate, intersection, protester, detain,  habeas corpus, forestall, hangover, infancy, garner, sought, expenditure, procure, allegation, illicit, jeopardize


Lesson 2 of Level 7

insatiable, poacher, marvellous, indigent, burial, fiscal, commodity, widen, deficit, inflation, retail, wholesale, dominant, theme, haphazard, intensity, obedient, inborn, judicious, survey


Lesson 3 of Level 7

infection, indiscriminate, foresight, prohibition, strive, exhort, torrent, repertoire, sluggish, vindicate, oral, furtive, momentum, jeopardy, nomination, ascertain, derailment, outskirts, habituate


Lesson 4 of Level 7

dwindle, purport, infiltrate, informer, tangible, adroit, articulate, eradicate, incidence, diet, ascribe, emit, discrete, remnant, vacancy, exacerbate, tension, exacerbate, recession, traditional

Lesson 5 of Level 7

assurances, foe, Columnist, investor, germane, regulation, intrude, treatment, illiteracy, morality, fallacious, hazy, gallant, remarkable, frugal, haven, acclaim, inflation, fortify, narrowly, assassination, impure

Lesson 6 of Level 7

avert, inadequacy, lecturer, implore, hamper, expulsion, prominent, cleric, influential, delineate, convene, compliance, obligation, flourish, insignificant, economic, offensive, imminent, pupil, strengthen

Lesson 7 of Level 7

laudable, languished, detention, dungeon, sanction, loyalty, gamut, loyalty, gamut, manual, transmission, selfish, foolish,

Lesson 8 of Level 7

fine,  Inspector, violation, ceasefire, minor, negotiation, assault, foretell, illegible, phenomenon, integration, hastily, abusive, referee, incarcerate, intentional, boon, fastidious, preference, ample

Lesson 9 of Level 7

flout, extensive, hasten, demise, Condolence, purify, glib, spawn, led, evade, reliance, stalk, inexorable, align, matrimony, decree, repeal, displace, autonomous, displace

Lesson 10 of Level 7

campus, association, election, pacify, adversary, verse, irregular, elicit, recourse, literally, integral, curriculum, prosperous, merely, daze, retort, extraneous, frail, override, matter

Lesson 11 of Level 7

intensify, discard, litter, lot, momentum, expressive, abstain, degenerate, fiasco, squad, ballot, docile, maim, idol, fallacy, wrath, banal, pretext, affable, infraction

Lesson 12 of level 7

dexterity, implicit, coerce, whim, cajole, partnership, survival, comply, accusation, in-depth, electrical, insulation, extremism, forum, marginal, clarity, deploy, breach, sovereignty, sanctity

Lesson 13 of level 7

bandit, abduct, gunpoint, enslave, loot, mitigate, transient, devalue, devaluation, speculation, shuffle, reshuffle, merger, sanitary, tax, taxing, blasphemy, acquaintance, feign, pathos, mull, agenda

Lesson 14 of level 7

hardliner, infltration, reformer, stoke, counter, perplex, Toll, corone, antidote, synthetic, narcotic, opiate, Expat, spotlight, eligible, malignant, contagion, pervade, endanger, stability

Lesson 15 of level 7

raid, hostage, peasant, grievance, air, checkpoint, curfew, bore, bear, counsellor, stoical, scandal, address, corporation, resistant, mutiny, imprisonment, man, bribery, corruption, drug

Lesson 16 of level 7

bestow, heroism, commitment, inheritance, unsolicited, summarily, ethos, abate, odour, emission, efficiency,
resident, volume, salvage, be under way, call off, emerald, ailing, insightful , ethereal, attest , audacity


Lesson 17 of level 7

zenith, heated, compensation, incur, porcupine, spiny, astute, binder, bargain, elite, abort, embryo, fertilize, assimilate, lucid. accommodation, luxurious, cruise, unmitigated, clandestine, whistle-blower, unpretentious, reportedly, delegation


Lesson 18 of level 7

restriction, exempt, compulsory, seminary, biometric, iris, legislation, disrobe, vestry, disperse, abhor, squander, flirt, incorrigible, dormant , prune, accordexhaustive, undergo, renovation, revoke


Lesson 19 of level 7

dissident, fallout, breakup, rift, sectarian, argumentative, noose, reprieve, rap, subdue, uphold, suspension, verdict, extremist, unfold, disband, Chancellor, defendant, destined, paradigm, concise, potent


Lesson 20 of level 7

neutralizes , neutrality, footage, oppression, oppressive, harrowing, culpable, indecent, surpass, threshold, nominee, caucus, bearing, antipathy, Stationary, queue, lorry, swerve, morsel, consolation, worse off, mourning, slay

Lesson 21 of level 7

Slender, implication, catastrophic, heedless, peruse, upshot, entry, plight, nomad, nomadic, antithesis, embellish, jargon, inaugurate, glaring, Briton, partake, ammunition, might, convincing, cache, ram, girder

Lesson 22 of level 7